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Milena Depolo

One of the versions of the subtitle for this year’s TIBA Festival was – If it were not. Even just the pronouncing of the words 10th TIBA means so very much. The very establishment of an international festival of theaters for children and young people, in not such comfortable circumstances, in a place where this type of theater art is pretty much neglected, shows great courage. And to succeed in having it last for ten years is much more than that. In any case, we are certain that these are only the beginnings of TIBA, and that we will have a lot more to offer. What is even more important is that TIBA has certainly made the theater for children and young people much more visible, and that the mentioned neglect slowly becomes a smaller problem. And perhaps, one day, this problem will disappear completely.


Another version of the subtitle was – Montage of attractions. We managed to bring this year to Belgrade truly high quality performances, among which there is theater for babies as well as for teenagers, there are adaptations of classics, but also productions based on contemporary texts for young people, there is classical, as well as dance theater. In a few words, at this 10th TIBA we tried to offer many different, uniquely “attractive”, varieties, and the thread connecting all these productions is artistic quality.


The third and the “winning” version of the subtitle was – Six days for wonder children. A wonder child is the little Mozart from the Israeli production, but also the Little Red Riding Hood, and the five boys, and Max and Aloysius from Germany, and what is more important, the wonder kinds are sitting in the audience. Theaters remain one of the last stances that appreciate the audience, and in which everyone can feel special and find something inside that makes him/her a wonder child. (And the adults are also wonder children!) And theater for children and young people, even at times when it seems impossible, can make a change in the world. Someone’s world.