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Da.Te Danza, Spain


Rio de Luna/Moon River


author and director: Omar Meza

dramaturgy assistant: Carlos Herans

gestural movement: Da.Te Danza

choreography assistant: Celia Sako

music: Jesus Fernandez, Jose Perello

special collaboration in music: David Moretti, Derk Rossbach

costume: Da.Te. Danza

making up costume: Javier F. Casero

lights design: Ernesto Monza

scenery: Da.Te Danza


dancers: Ivan Montardit, Rosa Maria Herrador



duration: 37 min

age group: 0-3 (max 70 children), 4-8 (max 300 children)



About the production


How do babies communicate? Rio de Luna/Moon River shows different scenes inspired in the way babies explore the world. They manage to figure out how we, adults, communicate and they develop their own way of communication. They master the ability to dialogue amongst themselves and their mothers. How do they look at each other? How do they look at others? How do they feel light, objects, water…? They dance, they play with movement. We travel through the show to experience a baby’s first connection with its surroundings.

What happens on stage evolves like the river runs, the development of a baby, being born, crawling, walking…, the first steps towards the discovery of life.



About the company


DA.TE Danza was founded in Granada in October 1999, under the artistic direction of Omar Meza. Its main mission is to promote Contemporary Dance initiating children and young people to the fundamentals of Dance.

Since then the company has toured many shows to main stages, fairs, festivals and cultural events for children in Spain and abroad and it has gained critical acclaim everywhere it has performed.

Since 2003 the company, as a pioneer in Spain, has been following a line of work geared to productions for babies. Apart from Moon River, other creations also geared for early childhood, like Round and Round, Oh… Mar!, and Dream, have travelled nationally and internationally representing the company with its unique quality of work and gathering prestige worldwide.