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Slovensko mladinsko gledalisce, Slovenija



The staging of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs leaves the door open for

the fairy tale to speak with its universal archetypal language. A language,

in which children get to talk, and adults are silent with fear and hope.

Snow White addresses us with the poetic language and symbolism of the

unconscious. It speaks the language of the fairy story with the fairy-tale

language of the stage, without burdening itself with interpretations or


reinterpretations. The language of Snow White allows imagination to wonder

freely in order to speak to us about a world torn between good and evil,

about a world where evil is born from narcissism and unsatisfied ego, as well

as to whisper to us about the forces of evil, and the rescuing power of love.

Snow White in Taufer’s direction is a fairy tale about gazing at one’s own

elusive image in the mirror of desire. A fairy tale about the power and

powerlessness of evil. A fairy tale about the apple of recognition and about

the kiss, which (at least this is how the fairy tale encourages us), even has

the powers of bringing one back to life.

Marinka Po¹trak



Sebastijan Cavazza,Marusa Geymayer-Oblak,Ivan Godnic,Janja Majzelj,

Sandi Pavlin,Ivan Peternelj,Robert Prebil, Pavle Ravnohrib, Natasa

Sultanova, Ravil Sultanov, Dario Varga


Music: Igor Leonardi, Hohannes Brahms

Musicians: Vito Taufer, Ivan Peternelj, Igor Leonardi

Movement: Matjaz Faric

Dramaturgy: Marinka Postrak

Set and costume design: Vasilija Fiser

Light design: Stefan Pfeistlinger

Sound design: Silvo Zupancic

Computer animations: Samo Lapajne

Make-up design and special make-up effects: Tina Lasic Andrejevic

Assistants of make-up design and special make-up effects: Alekso

Makedonce, Marjeta Medved

Assistant director and author of video: Darko Sinko