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Prospero, a Duke of Milan, whose authority is overthrown thanks to his

brother’s betrayal and greediness, is taken alone with his daughter to the

open sea and then imprisoned. At one moment, Prospero, with help from his

prisoner and debtor, ghost Ariel, creates the tempest. Everyone at open sea

falls into his power. This is where the main plot begins, where we meet all

the characters, their behaviors, and interactions and the whole story ends

happily. The synopsis of «The Tempest» is shortened, but thanks to the

director’s intervention, the viewer will get an in depth look into this great

Shakespeare masterpiece.


author: William Shakespeare

adaptation and directing: Sabi Sabev


scenography, masks and costume design: Erika Janovic


music: Veselin Kojcev



Prospero: Boško Boškov

Miranda: Danka Papaic

Arijel: Marta Aroksalaši

Ferdinand: Branislav Trifkovic

Goncalo: Miroslav Markovic

Antonio: Vesna Borocki

Sebastijan: Svetlana Abramovic

Alonzo: Olivera Begovic