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Games are played, because that is just one of the ways to love. We, the

adults, can hardly understand that something exists only when it is loved.

If you want to have something, you only have to wish for it hard enough,

and it will be yours. You can’t have or not have things. You love them or

you don’t. I loved Siljan. That is why I have the whole story, which may

have never really happened, or maybe it never happened quite this way. It

happened just the way I wanted it to happen. Maybe Siljan never really was

a stork, but for a brief moment, he wanted to be one, and to see the stars

laughing. And then he became one. To this day, the stars follow Siljan. And

me… I don’t search for stars in the sky. They are not there. And you… if you

wake up some day as a stork… Well, sometimes that can happen too.

Dejan Dukovski


author: Dejan Dukovski


director: Dimitar Stakoski

scenography: Ljubomir Cadikovski

costume designer: Aleksandra Nospal

composer: Venko Serafimov

coreography: Sanja Nikolovska




Siljan: Vladimir Lazovski

Bozin: Dragan Dovlev

Evda, Cule: Olgica Hristovska

Velco: Tanja Kocovska

Siljanica, Si Bile: Katarina Ilievska

Duhovnikot: Blagoja Corevski

Klajkovica, Sive: Ana Levajkovik