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Workshop at the TIBA festival June 2012

A special and a very important segment of the TIBA Festival is devoted to the realization of the side program: workshops and seminars designed primarily for education employees. For the purpose of deepening the cooperation between the theater and schools, pointing at the necessity of using the potential of theater arts in the education system, each year we gather teachers, librarians, pedagogues and psychologists working in elementary and high schools. Within the frames of this side program, education and theater workers share opinions and experiences acquired in the previous year through realization of school sections programs on the one hand, and performances that actively communicate with the young audiences on the other.  This opens a new area of communication between institutions whose interdependence represents an imperative to us.


This year, TIBA organised a five-hour practical workshop for teachers of theatre and theatre artists led by the Icelandic director and drama teacher Vigdís Jakobsdóttir. The work shop is titled “Enriching the theatre experience”.


Participants in this workshop will be introduced to various games to use in the classroom and a practical process of looking at theatre layer by layer.


The exercises, which are fun and easy to learn, can be used with youth and adults alike. They all aim towards enriching the theatre experience on multiple levels and

encourage critical thinking and a deeper understanding of the art form.


This workshop will try to answer following questions:


- Can our students get more out of their theatre experiences?
- Can performance analysis be taught in a practical way?
- Can post-performance discussions be fun?