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Mighty journeys

An exhibition of photographs on the occasion of the jubilee 10th TIBA Festival, and within the frames of the ASSITEJ campaign “Bring your child to a theater today”.


Beside the many specificities that theater, as a synthesis of higher arts, has, what makes this particular art so special is its strong impact in real time; direct communication between artists and the audience at the very moment that art is created, and unique sharing that is conditioned by the particular place and surrounding circumstances. But the theater also has a delayed, prolonged impact, in the contemplation on the experience, in the replicas, particular images that are remembered, in the atmosphere, relationships, movements and looks that cut deep into our memories and have a much longer effect than it seemed at first. The photographer faces a difficult challenge – How to recognize and freeze that crucial moment that depicts an entire performance, and shares the emotions and the excitement raised by what is happening on stage? During the ten years of the TIBA Festival, we believe to have had photographs that are timelessly kept safe in the memories of the audiences, influencing the childhood and growing up of children and young people, raising many questions and provoking their imagination. This Exhibition sends an invitation to some new kids and those around them to be sure to include theater in their adventure of growing up and exploring the world and potential worlds.


The authors of the photographies are the renowned photographers: Vukica Mikača, Ema Szabo, Branko Ignjatović and Đorđe Tomić.


Diana Kržanić Tepavac

Author of the Exhibition and President of ASSITEJ Serbia