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Little Amadeus

Agadit Puppet Theater, Israel


Little Amadeus, Gadit Cohen




directed by: Elit Weber

sound editor: Beni Menahem

prop design: Yulla Krivizky

costume design: Gadit Cohen


performed by: Gadit Cohen


duration: 50 minutes

target group: 4-8





About the Production


“Little Amadeus” is a lyrical and musical production that tells the story about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who was a child prodigy, and grew up to be a genius composer.

When he was three, Mozart has already played the piano, and when he was five he composed his first musical piece. Yet, most of all, little Amadeus wants to be a normal child and play outside.

The play is beautifully set and performed by Gadit Cohen: an actress portraying all the characters, using puppets, finger puppets as well as large hats and wigs. Another benefit of the production is that children are exposed to many of Mozart’s musical pieces.

Gadit takes us to an amazing visual and emotional journey by creating magical moments using the best the theatre can offer. With her unique talent, Gadit tells a story which is both inteligent and entertaining.




About the company


Gadit Cohen, an actress, creator and puppetry artist, is the founder of Agadit- Puppet Theater.
She studied at the “Beit Zvi” School of Drama and has created many artistic shows and humorous, stylized storytelling performances, which combine puppetry, acting, mime and music.
She performs in Israel and across the globe and has received numerous awards for her work.