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Emperor’s New Clothes



Bosko Buha Theater, Serbia and Kotor Festival of Theaters for Children, Montenegro


The Emperor’s New Clothes


Is it so that the emperor is naked?

Street performance based on the motifs of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes”


directed by: Nikola Zavišić

costume designer : Suna Kažić


cast: Milena Nikolić, Radmila Božović, Slaviša Grubiša, Nikola Joksimović



About the production

The performance „The Emperor’s New Clothes“ or “Is it so that the Emperor is naked?” is a coproduction of the Boško Buha Theater – TIBA Festival and the Kotor Festival of theaters for children. These two “sister” festivals (the idea on creating both came from the Boško Buha Theater) are both celebrating their jubilees this year; TIBA marks its tenth anniversary, while the Kotor Festival celebrates its twentieth. This was a great opportunity to introduce a festival production within their programs, a performance that would have its première at the openings of the two festivals, and later be part of the regular repertoires of the Boško Buha Theater and various stages in Montenegro, which would in a best possible way represent the Serbian and Montenegrin theater arts for children and young people around the globe. We therefore plan to devote special attention to the placement of this performance on international festivals, but also to make the creation of a festival production an obligatory segment of the TIBA Festival program.


The Emperor is naked SO?


Maybe not as before…


The Emperor is WHO?

Who, who, who?

Out of the three or four?


No, really… there are at least 4 emperors, and at the very least that many emperor tales…

And there are always these tailors who are good or bad.

Same as you are most of the times…

Sometimes you are good, other times you’re not, always changing.

There you have it so.


“The Emperor’s New Clothes”

There they are, but not whole

Something’s missing…

A thousand BUTs…


But that’s not it, or maybe it is… You will see, if you dare to see…