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Eagle To Hawk


Consol Theater, Germany


Eagle calling Hawk


directed by: Andrea Kramer

stage design and costumes: Sabine Kreiter

dramaturg: Sylvie Ebelt


cast: Manuel Moser, Eric Rentmeister


duration: 45 min

target group: 4+



About the production


Max and Aloysius are best friends – as close as one can imagine!

When Max stays at Aloysius’ house overnight, of course none of them thinks about sleeping. They spend the night with adventures, fights, wild races and a midnight party.

It’s all about rescuing the world, being faster, jumping higher, getting further and of course passing over the parents’ restrictions.

The play tells about joys and frustrations in a boy’s life in a very moving way.

It also opens new ideas and possibilities for understanding other perspectives.




About the company


Since the opening of Consol Theatre in September 2001, it has developed to a renowned children and youth theatre. It is part of the „cultural area Consol“, which includes the site of the former colliery “Consolidation” in Gelsenkirchen.

The major artistic concern are theatre productions for young public. We stage plays for children from two years up to young adults.

In several productions amateurs are involved in a professional context.

Furthermore the repertoire covers story-telling, staged concerts as well as Jazz- and Chanson-evenings. We offer different acting-workshops for pupils and join with classes to reflect on our productions.