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Norrdans, Sweden




choreographer: Martin Forsberg (Švedska)

set and costume design: Jenny Nordberg (Švedska/Sweden)

music used in the production: Bach, Vivaldi, Aphex Twin


dancers: Maria Pilar Abaurrea (Španija/Spain), César Garcia (Švedska/Sweden), Jan Spotak (Slovačka/Slovakia), Andrea Vallescar (Španija/Spain)


duration: 23 min

target group: 7+



About the production


A performance about the number 3 and the difficulty of being 4, about the things that surround us and why they are there. Fact and fiction, real and pretend, the very very fast and the infinitely slow.

AB3 is a ground breaking performance for young audiences. It challenges the audience and stimulates the imagination. It opens a door to the unknown by being so familiar. AB3 is like a dialog with a secret logical language. It can be understood at the same time as it encourages letting go of the entire framework we are bound to.

AB3 was created for children aged seven years and up, but Martin Forsberg’s work is interesting for all ages, drawing its power from movement and form.
AB3 develops from the linear and the systematic to the flickering and chaotic. Jenny Nordberg’s set design and dramatic costumes, combined with “twisted” movement material by Martin Forsberg, create a visually beautiful, melancholic, mysterious and funny performance that challenges children’s imagination.




About the company


Norrdans from Härnösand is the northernmost modern dance company in Sweden. Norrdans, with an international ensemble of eight dancers, is dedicated to spread modern dance with high standard in Sweden, especially in the northern half of the country. Norrdans tours frequently not only in Sweden but also internationally. With artistic director Mira Helenius Martinsson Norrdans continues both commissioning the heavyweights of modern choreography from all over the world as well as searching out new, young talents. Norrdans has presented choreographies by for example Mats Ek, Kajsa Giertz, Martin Forsberg, Pontus Lidberg, Thomas Noone, Ramon Oller, Jyrki Karttunen and Tero Saarinen. Norrdans is part of Scenkonstbolaget and the network NMD (Norrlands Nätverk för Musikteater och Dans) receiving support from state (Kulturrådet), region of Västernorrland, city of Sundsvall and city of Härnösand.