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Copmagnia Rodisio
Parma, Italy

Katerina and Ivo’s love story, Manuela Capece and Davide Doro

narative voice: Claudio Guain
lights: Yannik De Sousa Mendes
stage design: Silvia Bertoni, Paola Brunello and Paolo Romanini
costumes: Paola Brunello and Patrizia Caggiati
snow: Ca Luogo d’Arte
tehnician: Deborah Penzo
assistant director: Consuelo Ghiretti
communication: Maria Giulia Guiducci
translation: Fabienne Winkler
cast: Rosita D’Aiello i Davide Doro

Winter is a show thought for big stages and big spaces.This show belongs to the theatre-research-project Something is about to happen for pre-schools and elementary-schools over a period of three years 2008/2010. All the material gathered up to today has given birth to Winter, the first of two shows in the project. We’ve worked with children, 3 to 5 years old, in many pre-schools. The load of romanticism the children carry inside deeply moved us right away. Working on sheer improvisation, we’ve looked together with the children for the story to tell. Winter is a dance piece where the music, the words, and the dancing keep tight to each other, back each other up, seek after each other. And this story, like any other love story, wouldn’t be worth telling without telling the fear of losing it – love.