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VIB Animals

Kazalište Trešnja
Zagreb, Croatia

VIB Animals, Ksenija Zec and Saša Božić

music: Damir Šimunović
costumes: Zdravka Ivandija
light: Zdravko Stolnik, Branko Cvjetièanin
video: Ivan Faktor
graphic design: Pero Vojković/Vojkovic&Daughters

VIB Animals is an authorial project of Ksenija Zec and Sa¹a Bo¾iæ, an exciting travel, which speaks of a series of ordinary and extraordinary scenes from the life of adolescents and animals.
A boy Kuna dreams of making a rock band that would conquer the music world. For the beginning one must find musicians and the lead singer. Kuna chooses his friends from school, with whom he forms the band. With the appearance of the talented lead singer come the troubles within the group. Will the newly founded band: VIB Animals fall apart at the beginning of its career, or will its members still apply for the local rock band competition and become famous?
Calling on the motifs of the famous Grimm Brothers’ fairytale: The Musicians of Bremen, an original work is created, carried forward by the basic message of a fairytale that joint cooperation and development of imagination can make the wildest dreams come true.
The specificity of this play is the use of particular acting technique, which originates from the study of anatomy and animal movement, and enables the actors to transmit the universal idea of the play by using emphasized body language, imagination and amusement