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Letter by Letter

The Terazije Theatre, Belgrade, Serbia

Letter by Letter, Dusan Radovic, Miodrag Ilić Beli

adaptation: Vladimir Andrić
director: Darijan Mihajlović
original score: Miodrag Ilic Beli
orchestration: Sanja Ilić i Dragan Ilić
song author: Dušan Radović
conductor: Vojkan Borisavljević
choreography and stage movement: Sonja Lapatanov
stage designer: Aleksandar Denić
costume designer: Ivana Vasić
editor: Radovan Knezević
cast: Raslav Sekulović/Mateja Vukašinović, Svetislav Bule Goncić, Mina Lazarević, Slobodan Boda Ninković, Miroljub Turajlija, Duško Radović, Slobodan Stefanović, Snežana Jeremić, Ljubiša Dinčić, Milan Bosiljčić, Dušan Šida, Milenka Rajković, Jasminka Nikolić, Zorica Bošković
With the involvement of the ballet, the choir and the orchestra of the Terazije Theater.
The first TV show “Letter by Letter” went on air from 1963 to 1965. The video clippings of this series, directed by Vera Belogrliæ, in black and white, have not been saved due to technical reasons, since the program then went live. We only have 13 half-hour shows that were recorded during the 1970s in color. The idea for the musical “Letter by Letter” came in the summer of 2009. It is said that one night the director, Darijan Mihajloviæ, sitting in a tavern on one of the islands of the Adriatic Sea, called the composer, Aleksandar Sanja Iliæ, who was at the time also in a tavern, but in one of the bays of the Adriatic Sea, on another side of the border, and told him about the idea for a spectacular musical. Surely the idea was accepted instantly and with great enthusiasm. Not much time passed since then, but it is certain that one hot and humid summer night “is to blame” that in the years to come we, who have watched the serial “Letter by Letter”, will be able to enjoy this production, as well as our children.