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In the Labyrint of Sexuality

Poetski teatar mladih Juventa
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina

In the Labyrint of Sexuality,
based on the book “Sex for Beginners” by Jasminka Petrović

director: Jasna Diklić
dramatization: Asja Krsmanović
assistant director: Tarik Mlaćo
coreography: Jelena Rusjan
music assosiate: Željka Andrić
graphic design, lights and sound: Rešad Hadžibajrić
cast: Amila Kurtović, Ena Biščević, Hana Hulić, Emina Pilica, Ilda Kapić, Dino Sarija, Filip Radovanović, Asis Omerović, Haris Begović, Armin Okić, Faris Druškić
The play “In the Labyrinth of Sexuality” is created for young people, who are no longer children, but are not yet adults. It is meant to open the grounds for discussion on sexuality, primarily in the family, and then also amongst peers. In this way, proper climate is created to allow the young people to approach their sexuality and future sexual experience openly and with plenty of useful information, without prejudice and frustrations. We wished to help the young people to express and develop their feelings, capabilities, and positions, and acquire humane and moral beliefs. On this path we were helped by a great book written by Jasminka Petrović “Sex for Beginners”.