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A Boxer’s Heart

LGL, drama stage for young people, Ljubljana, Slovenia
A Boxer’s Heart, Lutz Hübner

translator: Darko Čuden
director and set designer: Samo M. Strelec
costume designer: Leo Kulaš
music: Bojan Jurjevčić – Jurki
light designer: Srećo Brezovar
acting: Leo Iztok Valič, Jojo Domen Valič
German playwright Lutz Hübner is today one of the most important German writers for children and young people. “The Heart of a Boxer” is one of the most famous early works of this author.
This theater piece has been performed around the world many times, and has received excellent reviews and acknowledgements. Thus it slowly enters the circle of classic German pieces for young people, because its essence is ever-current, as is the fight against violence and aggression felt by many young people.
All this is slowly revealed in the play between a young delinquent full of hatred and aggression and an old boxing champion who lived through all that a long time ago and survived with optimism.
His whole life, the old boxer lived on a borderline between violence and sports, and now he is trying to help a young man full of hatred to find a better way and happiness in life.
In our society today, violence among young people is a topic very frequently discussed. Violence in schools, on the streets, in the families. Violence, as a negative concept, is an integral part of our present day and our society, whether we would like so or not. Aggression is our reality. Where is the salvation, and how can we fight against this negative emotion? The only solution is to talk about it openly, at least in the way that the old boxer and the young delinquent are doing. And Theater is an ideal place for open discussion.