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If you were an old fellow, your name might vell be Oskar Olsson. And if you had a place to live, it could be in a gloomy little apartement, without a single flower. And that is exactly what Oskar Olsson does! In his livingroom there is an old TV. And Oskar Olsson is watching it every day and every night. In that way he doesn’t have to think about the fact that he doesn’t have any mates anymore, and that life is rather dull and lonely.

In the old days things were different, when Oskar Olsson was at sea. Then he could dance the Hula-hula in Hawai, with a  garland of flowers around his neck.

Today there is only the TV.

But what would happen if the TV exploded one day…?

And the doorbell rang, and the delivery boy handed over a flower…?

It will all be revealed in this astonishing story!

Written and directed by: Sten Wallin
Lights and Sound: Michael Koitzsch
Scenery & props: Mia Stahl-Broborg
Voices: Agneta Ehrensvärd, David Mjönes

Performers: Mats Blom or Michael Koitzsch