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“The characters of myths live many lives and die many deaths’, on the contrary the characters of novels are bound to one single role. Resounding in these ‘lives and deaths’ are all the other ones.” – Roberto Calasso
“Rapsodia per giganti” is a duet on stilts in open spaces. The roots of this duet are found in the vast territory between myth and fairytale.

Two huge characters from the past appear at the ruble of drums … dances open and like in an old pack of cards the stories criss-cross and merge together, unravel and mingle again, on the edge of the eternal line between Eros and Thanatos.

The composition of the piece is not guided by a single fabula, individual episodes with their beginnings and their endings – but by a general atmosphere: the aura of strength and wonder that permeates the whole area between myth and fairytale and makes all that is human fleeting, short-lived and disarmingly small. Therefore, the performers are losing their ‘humanity’ by transforming themselves into characters coexisting as their own opposites and negations.

In this interpretation, narrative structure is abandoned in favour of intertwining and logical unwinding of created images based on associations.

Original idea: Trickster Teatro
Directed by Cristina Galbiati
Editing and mix: Lara Persia
Costumes: Maurizio Cristina

Ilija Luginbühl,Cristina Galbiati