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“Miracle” is a story about a Kingdom, full of restrictions, in which life is regulated by traffic signs, and everything is about preserving the impeccably organised system. The rulers of this “perfect”, strictly controlled country, are The King and The Queen, who both do their best to suppress their humanity, until they forget who they really are.
But, it is impossible to keep suppressing the human in humans, their nature which always tends to be irrational, creative, unpragmatic, and seemingly crazy. It will find its way to affect one’s life, if not in an ordinary, then in a completely unusual way. A miraculous way. And indeed, thanks to a wonderous adventure including the little Princess, still a free-spirited child, and her Governess, a person obliged to bring her up and make her the future queen, the Kingdom is about to change forever.
“Miracle” is a story about the Governess’s curious change of heart, about her transit from a loyal servant of the system to a rebel, and about a seemingly helpless child, who helps her become a real human being. This story is told and played for the audience by an uncommon group of actors, made from persons who all said “no” to all kinds of restrictions, and, as clowns, accepted their own absurdness, their imperfection, and their, for some people, funny and insane, but so very precious freedom – freedom to keep the humanity in themselves.

Ana Djordjevic, director

Written by Soren Ovesen
Directors: Ana Djordjevic, Marija Milenkovic
Dramaturg and Artistic Consultant: Soren Ovesen
Project director, ASSITEJ Denmark: Peter Jankovic
Coordinator, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality City Theatre: Asli Icozu
Costume designer Snezana Veljkovic
Set designer Annika Nilsson
Choreographer Marija Milenkovic
Music composed by Lene Pernille Christiansen, Kristen Juul Sorensen

Marko Nikolic, Milena Nikolic, Marija Milenkovic, Vladan Milic, Mila Manojlovic, Yonca Inal Egilmezbas, Gokhan Egilmezbas, Lene Pernille Christiansen, Kristen Juul Sorensen