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Zarko’s girlfriend Sladjana went missing out of the blue. Rica the Willow gives him a magic flute that will take him to his sweetheart on the wings of a song. However, something’s not quite right with the flute, so Zarko finds himself in all manner of mishaps. On his strange journey, he goes through Stone Age, the Dark Land, Invisibville, Dzandzarug and ancient Serbia, where he encounters many interesting persons, including epic hero Prince Marko who ends up being his best man.

“Magic Flute” is a merry musical odissey with some unusual video effects. Twenty five characters in elaborate costumes take the hero through a series of comic events. Magicians’ tricks and dance numbers within some excellent décor make this play ideal even for the youngest of theatre goers.
Written by Branko Milicevic – Kockica
Directed by Slobodanka – Caca Aleksic
Set designer Aleksandar Veljanovic
Costume designer Snezana Simic
Music Zoran Obrenoviæ
Coreographers Danica Arapovic i Milan Gromilic
Making of puppets Zoran Stojanoviæ – Cule
Lako Nikolic, Ana Zdravkovic, Sofija Jurican, Janos Tot, Aleksandar Sreckovic, Milan Cucilovic, Aleksandar Vujanovic, Predrag Filipovic i Mirko