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From the depths of the sea to a portside cafe, storms and shipwrecks, rhythmic explosions and moments of poetry, outpourings of energy, a breath of emotion, four men navigate a strange sea world where music, theater, dance, and acrobatics subtly entwine.
From the dock’s edge, the call of the sea is also the call of the imagination.
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The sea, dance and music feed reverie. Moments of humor and beauty render both adults and children speechless, fascinated by a sublime and mysterious instant of evanescent grace. This skillful mix of theater, dance and seemingly spontaneous music, presented by the Company Carre Blanc, awakens the senses and the imagination to the call of the sea air…

Matthieu Lecoq -Theatre
Matthieu Lecoq -Theatre Enfants .com
Choreography: Michele Dhallu
Music : Marc Calas
Light: Yves-Marie Corfa
Sound: Arnaud Mignon
Costumes: Anne Rabaron
Set: Xavier Laroyenne
Interpretation: Sebastien Dupre and Matthieu Gaudeau (dance)
Marc Calas and Jean-Pierre Cei (music)