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There were a man and a woman.
The man who is romantic and knows his way around, brings the woman in a nice restaurant.
They have dinner with candles and red wine.
Then the man takes out a gift.
She looks at him with heart shaped eyes and he keeps smiling as an idiot.
Then they kiss and they get married.
And then, their love dream is being crowned with the arrival of a beautiful little girl.
Blond, friendly, full of energy, very resourceful, tenacious, very active and very, very, very intelligent.
So, those who were only a man and a woman quickly became a beautiful dad and a beautiful mom.
That is, a family.
And everything moves on as it should.
And everything is well.
When thinking of our family, how many people do we actually think of?
Do we think of a special day?
Do we think of a holiday?
Do we think of every day, of those days that are always the same?
Do we think of those goodnight words?
When thinking of our family, what do we think of?
We do ask ourselves of how much family is needed,
Of how much we cannot do without, of how much of it there is.
And then we ask ourselves where all this love is ending up.
And what if we needed more people to give love to, more people to take it from,
Would the family, then, be enough?