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compagnia T.P.O.
in coproduzione con
Teatro Metastasio Stabile della Toscana

:: The Japanese Garden
ccc [children cheering carpet]
direction Francesco Gandi, Davide Venturini
actrice Claudie De Cultis
dancer Paola Lattanzi
music/sound design Spartaco Cortesi
ccc system project Martin von Gunten, Rossano Monti
multimedia console Saulo D’Isita
design project Elsa Mersi
collaboration on script Stefania Zampiga
organization Valentina Martini, Valeria Castellaneta e Francesca Nunziati

Tour Manager and coproducer in UK Crying Out Loud

CCC proposes a sensorial journey inside theatrical environments inspired by the architecture of Japanese gardens. Japanese gardens are a form of story-telling in themselves. Bonsais, stones, water plays, ‘lost steps’, the zen garden and other scenarios related with them, start from a work of miniaturization and reconstruction of nature through a coded system of symbols and metaphors. CCC is composed of five little gardens and each of them proposes an exploration, at times individual, at times in groups: a meadow, a lake, a bridge, flowers, the sea. Each of these environments develops a theatrical action based on the acoustic and playful relationship with natural elements. The gardens (composed of images projected from the top onto a white carpet provided with pressure sensors) open up, suggest games, create an interactive contact, communicate in the form of visual poetry thorough images and sounds animated in real time. The public is given ample freedom to find their own approach to the exploration and play. There are no strict rules, times or ways. CCC is digital-natural environment devised to give theatrical value to movement and spontaneous action. In our project we have indeed created five little gardens, each of which proposes different sensory and perceptive modes