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Pozoriste Bosko Buha
Eugene Schwartz
Adaptation and Director: Jug Radivojevic
Set Designer: Dejan Pantelic
Costume Designer: Angelina Atlagic
Composer for the First Empire: Kornelije Kovac
Composer for the Second Empire: Aleksandra Kovac
Stage Movement: Ferid Karajica
This autonomous and brisk comedy is based on motifs of three fairytales by H. C. Andersen: The Pig
Keeper, The Princess and The Pea, and The Emperor’s New Suit.
The play begins with the Pig Keeper falling in love with the Princess, and she with him. The father of the
Princess, in order to prevent this love from happening, intends to marry the Princess with the king of a
neighboring country. At first the King refuses the offer, because the Princess is not of noble blood, but
as soon as he sees her, he decides to marry her and makes an order for a new wedding suit to be
tailored for him.
The Pig Keeper and his friend, in order to save the Princess, falsely present themselves as tailors,
and make a promise to the King that they will make a silk suit for him that no other man can see.
Cast: Milan Kalinic, Ivan Jevtovic, Kalina Kovacevic, Boba Latinovic, Snezana Nenadovic,
Jelena Vukusic, Branislav Platisa, Zorica Jovanovic, Nenad Nenadovic, Dejan Lutkic,
Igor Damnjanovic, Jakov Jevtovic, Ivana Lokner, Aleksandra Simic, Dragan Vujic, Marko Markovic,
Nermin Ahmetovic, Rajko Jovicic