Srpski | English


Malo Pozoriste Dusko Radovic
Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Director: Anja Susa
Dramatization: Marija Karaklajic
Costume designer: Maja Mirkovic
Set designer: Zorana Petrov
Composer: Vladimir Pejkovic
Video presentation design: Obrad Kokotovic
Translation into Serbian: Mirjana Vukmirovic
The elegiac story about the love of the Little Prince towards his small planet B 612 and the single rose
on it, utterly unique for him, is a serious warning to the whole world. While living in the desert,
the Little Prince has learnt from the Fox the greatest wisdom that love, gentleness, friendship, peace
and tolerance are the most precious things in life. This is that same old wisdom preached by our
prophets of the Old Testament and the New Testament.
If we wish to live a life flooded with sunlight, as the old Fox would put it, we should forever remember
its secret which is quite simple: Man sees well only with his heart – it is impossible to see the essence
with one’s eyes.