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THE BIZZARIUM – street aquarium

Les Sages Fous
The magnificent exploration ship, the HMS Bizzarium, sails the seven seas to search for creatures
of myth and lore.
The streets become canals, the buildings create fjords, old men on benches become beached whales.
As the boat rocks in the wind, schools of fish agglomerate in its wake. The two explorers dive into
the depths of a mysterious oceanic aquarium. They comb the ocean’s floor in a city beneath the sea.
In the bliss of the abyss they unveil a shipwreck that is their own.
The mission is clear: Discover the creatures that lie beneath dreams. Capture the treasure of the
unknown. Live to tell the tale.
Direction, visual conception, puppets and masks: South Miller
Music: Christian Laflamme
Puppet tamer: Jacob Brindamour
cast: Performers Jacob Brindamour and South Miller