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Consol Theater
Franvera, the young girl at the heart of this play, has a powerful dream to be a dancer.
Single-mindedly pursuing her dream, she barely sees the war clouds gathering around her. Forced to
flee from her village, Franvera is poised between life and death. As the play unfolds though, it appears
that she is not in her home village with her family, on the march with Red Beard and other refugees,
fleeing through a forest, climbing a mountain to reach the border – she is, instead, in a room without
walls. Her traumatic tale is finding its voice, its shape, its stark imagery with the aid of
a doctor – maybe a therapist?

Dramaturg: Christiane Freudig
Director: Andrea Kramer
Cast: Svenja Niekerken, Eva Horstmann, Fabian Sattler, Markus Kirschbaum