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Pozoristance Puz
Vuk Pavlovic
Director: Milena Pavlovic Cucilovic
Costume Designer: Stefan Savkovic
Set Designer: Kristina Radosavljevic
Music: Zoran Obrenovic
Choreography: Marija Savic Sreckovic
Cast: Milos Samolov, Radmila Tomovic, Mladen Andrejevic, Milan Cuculovic, Sandra Ilic, Vanja
Kapetanovic, Aleksandar Vujanovic, Predrag Filipovic
Pera Panic is a nitwit and a sheepish boy, mad about computer games, especially the adventure of
Peter Pan and the Treasure Hunt. When a computer virus in the form of Captain Hook offers him to
enter into the game and be its main player and hero, Pera accepts the challenge. But the virus has
infected the game and everything is opposite from how things should be. In order to finish the game
and find the treasure, Pera must do “weird” and difficult tasks. He is to deal with all kinds of
brain-teasers and temptations, especially with – himself.