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VAT Teater
VAT Theatre’s and Markus Zohner Theatre Compagnie’s cooperation
“Markus Zohner?s KALEVIPOEG”
The Cool Estonian Epos
inspired by Fr.R.Kreutzwald
Conception and creation: Markus Zohner (Switzerland)
Cast: Katariina Lauk,Tanel Saar, Janek Sarapson and Margo Teder

That is a story about a beautiful Northern country that the Devil desires.
Gods want to help this little country and they send Kalev seated on an eagle to rescue it. The eagle
carries the man to Estonia. In Estonia Linda is born out of grouse egg. Linda is wooed by sun, moon
and wind but in the end marries Kalev. They have many children. Kalev dies and boys grow up. One of
the sons has to become a king by throwing a stone…