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Belgrade, Serbia

Writter:Milica Piletic after Mark Twain’s novel „The Adventures of Tom Sawyer“
Director: Jovan Grujic
Composer: Srdan Markovic
Coreography and stage movement: Bojana Mišic
Stage design: Janja Valjarevic
Costumes: Momirka Bailovic
Songs authors: Dejan Ðonovic, Milica Piletic

cast: Nemanja Oliveric, Miloš Vlalukin, Viktor Savic, Ivan Mihailovic, Andrijana Tasic, Aleksandra Simic, Boba Latinovic, Branislav Platiša, Ivan Jevtovic, Miljan Prljeta, Dragoljub Denda, Vladan Dujovic, Borka Tomovic, Nenad Nenadovic
Bend Krejzi Misisipiz/Band Crazy Mississippies: Ana Ðokic, Miloš Nikolic, Branko Trijic, Srdan Markovic, Branko Markovic, Bojana Stamenov, Saška Jankovic

About the Play

Every child has his/her own Tom Sawyer, everyone has his/her own Huck, Ben and Becky… We all like to reminisce on our childhood and the times when we carried around marbles in our pockets and our faces blushed thinking of the first kiss. But then we look in the mirror and see faces of Aunt Polly Patchwork, Muff Potter or Judge Thatcher… And we immediately wish to relive the moment when together with our friends we plotted all kinds of mischiefs. And after this play, we will want, more than everything – to paint the fence, listening to music, together with our friends, just like Tom, Huck and Ben…
The best recipes for mischiefs are written by Mark Twain through the character of Tom Sawyer, a freckled boy from the Mississippi River banks. However, besides that, in his works on Tom, there are also recipes for building sincere and devoted friendships, for bold approach to girls, and of course, for successful manipulation of the adults… which can sometimes be very useful! In the play that Milica Piletic wrote based on the famous Twain novel, one big and strong motif will surface: the moment when the three boys become holders of a secret directly linked to the life of one man, when they face such a big responsibility – and make the right decision! It is exactly that one moment when we make that crucial step toward becoming an adult… The play, directed by Jovan Grujic, will quickly and easily remind the audience of that one moment, and at the same time encourage the youngest audience, for whom it is designed, to enjoy childhood to the ultimate and without compromise (even without shame!), to nurture true friendships, and – to be brave! It will also bring forward the question – what is shame, what is love, and what is responsibility? And as soon as you ask yourself that question, it means that there already is an adult hiding in you… but… never so old to lose our freckles or not to have a slingshot peaking out of our pockets!

Duration: 75 min.
Age group: 9+