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Osjek, Croatia


Author: Branko Copic
Director, set designer and dramaturge: Saša Anocic
Costume designers, puppet creators and stage designer’s assistants: Terezia Mojžišova i Zoja Zupkova
Composer: Matija Antolic
Light designer: Ivo Nižic
Director’s assistants: Jelena Sušac i Aleksandra Colnaric
Projections on the idea by Saša Anocic realized by: Dražen Golubic.

Cast: Mladen Vujcic, Inga Šaric, Ivica Lucic, Miroslav Cabraja, Areta Curkovic, Aleksandra Colnaric, Snježana Ivkovic, Zoran Grkinic

About the Play

Well-known lyrical creation by Branko Copic, “Ježurka Ježic” is very dear to children because of his love for his own home, since nowhere is as wonderful as it is at home, and those who do not love their home end up infamously,  as Wolf, Bear and Wild Boar do in this tale.
Of his emotion toward “Hedgehog’s Home” and his work on the play, the director Sasha Anocic wrote:
“Look: What can I say? I must say that I look at “those” times with sorrow. Not that I want to stand aside, but I really think that I don’t think in an ideological-political tone, but I really speak of those times “before”. I do believe that most people divide time to: present, i.e. today, and “that before”. That “before” does not necessarily need to be better, but carries in all of us that deeply lived, whereas that “after” or “now” is merely repetition or imitation of “that before”.
It is as if our whole life comes down to three factors: sorrow, comfort and almost technical repetition of everyday life.(…)
Our home, the only space that is marked, and is – ours. Where no one can touch you. (Or so it should be). And where you can sit quietly and put on that sorrowful smile while you tell your kids a story they have not heard before, the story of “Hedgy Hedgehog”. In order to remind you to do that, I made this play (and the fee of course – and many other things, but all that doesn’t matter, well, it matters, but…)”

Duration: 50 min.
Age group: 5-10