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PRO RODOPI ART CENTRE (Bostina, Bulgaria) in co-operation with ‘Nikolay Haytov’ Rhodopean Drama Theatre Smolyan and ‘Valentin Stoychev’

Bostina. Smolyan, Sofia, Bulgaria


Written, directed and produced by: Petar Todorov
Design of puppets and props by: Hannah Schwartz
Choice of music: Desislava Mincheva
Consultant on Bulgarian folk music: Ivan Pichurov
Consultant on Bulgarian folk dances: Antoaneta Yaneva
Assistant of director: Yanko Husarov
An original music by Georgi Angreev has been used in the production too.

Performed by: Desislava Mincheva
Narrator’s voice: Yoan-Asen Todorov

About the Play

‘Garbage for Plums’ is a production with puppets for kids and adults. It is a full of humour show based on a traditional Bulgarian folklore fairytale about a man who wanted to find a good and caring wife for himself. He chose a rather strange but clever way to do it. He went with his donkey from village to village, and offered an exchange of nice fresh juicy plums for house garbage. Lots of women came with piles of dirt, thinking that the man is crazy. At the very end a modest and beautiful girl came without garbage because in her house she could not find any – her home was very clean. The man was so happy and chose her as his beloved bride.

Duration: 45 min.
Age group: all age groups