Srpski | English


Valenza, Italy


Written and directed by: TEATRO DISTINTO

With: Daniel Gol and Alessandro Nosotti

About the Play

That year autumn arrived slowly.
We disliked each other.
By teasing one another, we transformed our classroom into a garden.
Our fights slowly turned into a friendship.
Our teacher scolded us together.
That year my parents told me:
as soon as winter comes, you have to change school.
We are moving to a different city.
Then, snow fell on our desk.
An adult enters the stage, he observes an old classroom, he wears a dusty pinafore, a pair of glasses. He finds his old desk. A journey through old yet vivid memories begins.
Another adult enters the scene, following the traces of that same memory. He joins the first character.
CLASSMATES is a sensorial and metaphorical journey through the eternal past of every person/pupil.
Images and music, keywords and evocative objects lead us to a reflection on themes such as school cohabitation, childhood playfulness and unexpected affection.

Duration: 50 min
Age group: 6+