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Big TellyTheatre Company,
Created by Zoe Seaton and Payl Boyd
Directed by: Zoe Seaton
Set Design: Stuart Marshall
Lights Design: Conleth White
Choreography: Clarie Mulholland
Costumes: Whirligig
Music: Payl Boyd
Cast: Georgie Alexander, Mark Asante, Kylie Cushman, Sarah Dillon, Mary Kelly,
Keith Singleton, Rody White
On her first visit to the surface the Little Mermaid falls in love with a Prince, rescues him from a
shipwreck and decides to strike a bargain with the Sea Witch in order to become mortal.
The Sea Witch gives her human legs in return for her beautiful voice but the Mermaid can’t adapt
to life on land and rejection from the Prince leaves her lost, lonely and estranged from the world
below the ocean.