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Irena Kraus
By the text of a play by William Shakespeare
A thriller of our time
Directed by: Agneta Ehrensvärd
Set and Costume Design: Ulla Kassius
Music: Niko Röhlcke
Lights Design: Ulf Englund
Puppets Design: Sten Wallin
Wigs and Masks Design: Lena Bouic Wrange
Cast: Peter Viitanen, Livia Millhagen, David Mjönes, Malin Güettler, Michael Koitzsch,
Britta Cronvall
At an airport on another side of the world, Hamlet receives news that his father, a high
government official, is dead. When he returns home, his mother is already getting ready to
remarry. But to whom? What is going on? And what is actually hiding behind the mystical case
of his father’s death?
Hamlet’s world is falling apart. He enters the chaotic world where ghosts and wraths in his head
are his best friends. He no longer has a father, and if he does not do something soon, he will
lose his mother, too.