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Corona La Balance,
Directed by: Marc Van Der Velden
Set Design: Igrid Bennike
Cast: Pio Simonsen (violin), Søren Møller Pedersen (drums)
Elephant lives alone in his comfortable apartment. Nobody lives next door. But one day there’s a
suitcase outside the door and that makes Elephant happy. Somebody is moving in and that means
he’s getting a new neighbour.
Elephant’s new neighbour is called Crocodile. He is a musician and he practises for hours every
day. Scales and etudes from Crocodile’s violin can be heard through the wall between the two
apartments every day. It is getting on Elephant’s nerves so much that he feels he is losing his
mind. When he finally pulls himself together and complains about the noise, Crocodile simply
answers, “I am very sorry, dear neighbour, but I am an artist and I cannot live without my music”.
Elephant shuffles off sadly. “I wish I was an artist”, he thinks. But then he gets an idea…
Elephant and Crocodile is a modern animal fable, almost without words, but with lots of humour,
mime and music. This little, philosophical tale of discord and harmony is based on a picture book
by the Dutch writer and illustrator Max Velthuijs, who is known, among other things, for the books
on Frog and his friends.