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Pozoriste BOSKO BUHA,
according to the motives of a story by Louis Carroll
Directed by Marija Milenkovic
Dramatist: Ivana Dimic
Costume Design: Jelena Stokuca
Stage Design: Marija Kalabic
Composer: Bo¾idar Obradinovic
Light Desing: Vojkan Gostiljac
Cast: Milena Nikolic, Marija Milenkovic, Ivan Jevtovic, Radovan Vujovic, Nemanja Oliveric,
Ana Dragicevic
The show came to life as an attempt to make a kind of a surreal children’s merry-go-round, a
carrousel, in which verbal tricks, such as complex mathematical formulas of Louis Carroll, are
expressed by movement and body language.
In a nightmare of a mischievous girl, with each new circle and every new equation, there are
first and new life experiences, and however they might seem dangerous or scary, they are in
fact real.
Perhaps this play, using music, movement and dance, a different kind of approach to children’s
plays, would be one of the ways to contribute to the understanding of a world seen through
children’s eyes.