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Gradsko pozorište Podgorica

Based upon a story THE BIRTHDAY OF THE INFANTA by Oscar Wilde



Director: Ivana Bogićević Leko

Scene design: Smiljka Šaparović

Costume design: Vera Šoškić

Scenic movement and Choreograsphy: Slavka Nelević

Music: Veselin Bogićević Frenki

Lyirics: Dejan Ðonović

Actors: Pavle Ilić, Maja Šarenac Maraš, Ivana Mrvaljević, Zoja Bećović.


… And trust me, if you really love someone, its not inmportant if he is green


or white, with pointy, big or small ears… It is important to play nice, sing,

laugh merrily in a word be like elves. In the woods, in Spring, you may

meet the talkig bird… And the bird says, when you say worm and gentle

words, and leave a candy on aa neadow, little fairy boys and girls, the

elvessometimes come to play with you. But there is a secret: not everyone

can see the elves… It can be done by those that have the heart full of

love… Ivana Bogićević Leko