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DA. TA DANZA Company



Choreography: Omar Meza


Costumes and lighting: DA. TE DANZA

Dancers: Celia Saco, Victoria Diaz


In this imaginative piece for very young children two performers play with

images with images witch are brought to life trought to life their dance.

Even before the performance begin, they take great care to create a

pleasant, cosy atmosphere for the follwing story. On the syage objects the

children are well familliar with – such as gloves and scarfs

- are filled with life. Severel short episodes full of poetic movements and

choreographic rythms stimulate the imagination and encourage audience

involvement and spontaneity. Following the 25 minute

performance there will be an opportunity for the children to come on to the

stage and try and express their experiences together with the dancers.

” I have seen the production MUA MUA for children from the age of one -

modern expression dance, without words. Children and adults alike were

spellbound” . Helga Ana Gruber, Toihaus Salcburg