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Malo Pozorište DUŠKO RADOVIĆ



Director and concept for lighte design: Nikola Zavišić


Translation: Jelena Šitić

Set and costume designer: Ivana Vasić

Composer: Sonja Lončar

Live music: Sonja Lončar, Nemanja Aćimović, Vukašin Marković

Actors: Vladislava Ðorđević, Goran Jevtić, Ivana Vasić


KIKI AND BOZO is about the confrontation with death, about the last

journey, about the correcting mistakes at the point when one has to sum up

his life. Old man Bozo and the girl Kiki find themselfs near the sea. Bozo is

trying to reach the sea to die, and Kiki had escape from everyone becouse

she is horrified by the death of the dog Nini. Thay are spending a little time

together, but it is quite enoughfor them to realize not only what dying is, but

also what are friendship and love. Orchestra whitch constantly playing on

the stage is representing Bozos soul. he is eventually transcending his soul

to Kiki and with this gesture he is not only prolanging his own life but he also

giving a priceless value of understanding of shortness and imperfection of

human existence. KIKI AND BOZO resembles the concept of life and death

in the Zen philosophy and it is also lagerly influenced by the Beckett concept

of nothingness. Becouse of all taht, this play is by all criteria exceptional,

gentle and quiet.