Srpski | English





Director: Alex Byrne

Design: Katerina Houskova

Music arenged and directed by: David Pagan

Movement: Kasia Zaremba

Actors: Aude Henrye, Tomas Machacek, Iva Moberg, Kjell Moberg, David

Pagan, Anna Healey


Maria Michailovna is 100 years old.

She is sitting in her chair.

She is waiting for her husband.

He died a long time ago.

Maybe not.

She thinks that he will.

Is he in the park in Feyodosya on the shore of the Black Sea?

Is he fighting the Germans on the front line?

Is he the beautiful young soldier with the athlhletic body

that she met in the park?

Is he the broken and helpless old man

who moved with her to Leningrad?

Maria s life span the Soviet century in a remarkable tale of love, loss,

calamity and hope. As she looks back on her life past and present blend and

blur as the force of history sweeps her along.

NIE uses song, storytelling, cloening, animation, chorus and movement to tel

a story that is both sad and ridiculous, tragic and full of hope.