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Growing up of a playful and irresponsible Pinocchio, his adventures, i.e.

many times of running away from home and school, the great desire for

friendship, and the constant need for play and joy, are familiar to both the

young and the older audience, and are unavoidable in everyone’s growing

up. A young, student group of actors, with a few theatre veterans, led by

director Milan Karad¾ic, plays out by all avalaible theatre tools, the old story

from the time of luxurious romance and great social poverty.

Carlo Collodi

Dramatization: Marija Stojanovic

Director: Milan Karadzic

Costume design: Bozana Jovanovic


Scene design: Geroslav Zaric

Composer: Zoran Eric

Scene speech: dr Ljiljana Mrkic Popovic

Scene movement: Marija Milenkovic

Dramatist of the performance: Ivana Dimic

Mask props designers: Tihomir Mackovic and Vladimir Radovanovic

Special effects: Tomislav Magi

Assistant Director: Stanislava Koprivica


Gepetto Predrag Panic

Master Tre¹njic; Waiter;

Rabbit of Death; Teacher; Policeman Branislav Plati¹a

Man, Puppeteer Fire-eater Dragoljub Denda

Pinocchio Radovan Vujovic

Fox Andrija Milo¹evic

Cat Sofija Jurican

Pants; Raven; Boy Miki Damjanovic

Girl-fairy; Bird Nada Macankovic

Cricket; Lampwick Nikola Rakocevic

Harlequin; Owl, Jackass Jakov Jevtovic