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Lutkovno gledalisce Ljubljana, Slovenia




A six-year-old girl comes to the puppet theatre for the first time, and she

is very excited. Impatiently she awaits the beginning of the show and

the arrival of Perseus the brave prince, who is to cut off the head of the

horrible Medusa, win over the sea monster and rescue the beautiful princess

Andromeda. He will, along the way, as all princes who rescue princesses,

rescue her, won’t he? Furthermore, since all the princes in real theatre are

real, live people, not like the ones on television…

A new, ironic and funny reading of myths is a characteristic of this



director: Jaka Ivanc

dramatization: Jera Ivanc

scene design: Matej Filipic

composer: Davor Herceg

choreographer: Miha Lampic

puppets design: Patricija Cicmir



Aljosa Koltak

Bozo Vovk

Martina Mauric Lazar

Iztok Jereb

Korel Brisnik

Gasper Malnar

Brane Vizitin

Iuna Ornik