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«I went into a farmyard to look for water, it was full of Russian soldiers,

I smiled at them, they smiled back. I took one step and then they were

on me, kicking, punching, shouting. I said «don’t beat me I’m Andras the


blacksmith’s son» but they didn’t understand. One of them raised his rifle

butt and brought it down on the side of my face… and then I passed out».

NIE uses the story of Andras Tamas as a starting point, Andras fought in the

Hungarian Army alongside the Germans in World War II, he was captured by

the Russians and lost in a Russian mental hospital for 53 years. He returned

home in 1999 to a heroes welcome. Moving back and forward in time we

travel across Europe as our hero, caught by the wind of history struggles to

find his way back home, to the warm bath that he left behind and to his one

true love.


Director: Alex Byrne (GB)

Music: David Pagan (GB)

Movement: Kasia Zaremba (PL)

Set Designer: Katerina Houskova (CZ)

Production: Iva i Kjell Moberg (CZ, N)

Lights: Aude Henrye (FR)

Managing director: Iva Moberg


Robert Orr (GB)

Tomas Machacek (CZ)

Kjell Moberg (N)

David Pagan (GB)