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The Water-Carrier and Bumblebee-Emperor

Theatre: Pozorište mladih Sarajevo


This story about the Bumblebee-Emperor assures us that none, not even an Emperor who has everything and rules over everyone, can be really happy. That is why he takes a long journey, together with his ministers, captain, cook, sailors and the water-carrier, going far away to propose to a princess. When Nastasja’s heart rejects him and chooses his water-carrier, the Emperor finally changes his ways, stops being spoiled, stubborn and arrogant, which then changes the whole ending of this fairy tale, making everyone, every single one of them, live happily ever after.


author: Nenad Velickovic

director: Kaca Doric

scenography: Slobodan Peri¹ic

costume design: Vanja Popovic

composer: Elvis J. Kurtovic



Milan Pavlovic

Mario Drmac

Alja Frljuckic

Narda Nik¹ic

Suada Ahmeta¹evic

Semir Krivic

Drago Buka

Mirza Tanovic

Alma Merunika

Safet Hadzimehanovic