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Theatre: Pozoristance PUZ, Beograd



«The Naughty Princess» is a slapstick fairy tale for children 4 to 10 years of

age, in which the main character is the Emperor’s daughter Kata. She is a

typical misbehaving child. However, this play will show that it is not really

all her fault, but the fault of ger «bad company’s», symbolized by the evil

wizard Mr. Opak, and also of her own father who spoiled her rotten. After

numerous events and adventures, the good sorcerer Vilenko finally wins the

bad sorcerer and makes Kata fall in love.


author: Branislav Milicevic


director: Slobodanka Aleksic

costume designer: Ljubomir Todorovic

scenography: Biljana Sovilj

coreography: Andelija Todorovic

music asistent: Zoran Obradovic



Kata: Katarina Zutic

Vilenko: Branko Kockica

Emperor: Mladen Andrejevic

Prince: Milan Cucilovic


Guard, Singer, Suiter: Dimitrije Ilic

Opak: Janos Tot

Jester: Branislav Zeremski

Man of the court 1: Aleksandar Vujanovic

Man of the court 2: Predrag Filipovic

Man of the court 3: Zivan Radovanovic