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Theatre: Malo pozoriste «Dusko Radovic» Beograd




Theatre play «Sex for beginners», just like the book on which it was based,

communicates with the adolescents from 10 to 16 years of age in a very

modern and humorous way. At the same time it gives all the most important

information about sexual culture, and also equally as important, about

ways of protection from consequences that can emerge due to lack of


This is a play that in a modern, direct way, and yet carefully balanced, deals

with the subject still considered to be a taboo in our society.


author of the book: Jasminka Petrovic

adaptation: Jelena Mijovic

director: Alisa Stojanovic

costume designer: Zora Popovic

scenography: Sasa Ivanovic

composer: Robert Klajn

puppet design: Sasa Ivanovic



Aunt Cveta: Cvijeta Mesic

Aunt Saveta: Vladica Milosavljevic

Smarty: Dusica Sinobad

Best Friend s Girlfriend: Aleksandra Andelkovic

Bimbo: Marijana Vicentijevic

Icicle: Sandra Rodic

Dear Abby: Sofija Jurican

Weirdo: Milutin Milosevic

Horny (nephew): Marko Janjic

Precise: Zivko Grubor

Philosopher: Bojan Lazarov

Childish: Jovo Maksic


Jock: Ivan Tomic

Puppet animation: Goran Belancevic