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Theatre: LUTKOVNO GLEDALISCE , Ljubljana


This fairy tale takes place in the distant Egypt.

In the cold, stary night kingdome of the Queen of the Night, lives the naive

and timid bird-catcher Papageno. One day, prince Tamino comes to her

kingdome and, running away from a dreadful dragon, he nearly loses his life.

A lady, Queen of the Night’s companion, saves him, and then persuades him

to free the Queen’s daughter Pamina, abducted by king Sarastro. She gives

him the magic flute, to protect him when troubles arise. The sound of this

magic flute turns the sad ones happy and evil ones into good…


author: Eberhard Streul

based on: W. A. Mozart, E. Schikaneder

slovenina translation: dr. Igor Grdina

director and scenographer: Dijego De Brea

music: W. A. Mozart



Papageno: Joze Vidic / Ivan Andres Arnsek

Papagena: Dunja Spruk / Vera Danilova

Tamino: Dejan Vrbancic / Edvard Strah

Pamina: Simona Krajnc / Alenka Gotar

Queen of the Night: Urska Zisek / Rebeka Radovan

Sarastro: Zoran Potocan / Silvo Skvarc

Lady: Rebeka Radovan / Ariana Debeljak

Monostatos: Andrej Debevec / Rusmir Redzic