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Romeo and Juliet represent a special love case in Shakespeare’s writings,

following the author’s ambition to reveal man’s desire for the absolute,

where love is, of course, the manifestation of that absolute. Romeo and

Juliet’s love is not tragic just because of what is happening in Verona and

in between their two families, or the obstacles of hatred that divide them.

Their love is tragic because it is so grand that the whole world is too small

for it! Many years after, Branko Milicevic – Kockica brings this story to us in

his own way, in this version for both young and old, liberaterd from all the

blood and pain of tragedy. He made it a story about love, like a sparkly and

swift comedy of characters, as some ancient story that has all the elements

of what exsists today.

text: Branislav Milicevic


based on: W. Shakespeare’s «Romeo and Juliet»

director: Nikola Vukcevic

scenography: Smiljka Separovic

costume designer: Vera Soskic

composer: Aleksandar Radunovic-Popaj

coreography: Slavka Nelevic



Juliet: Maja Sarenac – Maras

Romeo’s father: Davor Dragojevic

William Shakespeare: Dejan Ðonovic

Rosalinda: Dijana Dragojevic

Countesse: Dubravka Vukotic

Prtlja: Vesna Vujosevic

Dovani, Contesse s son from her firsth marriage: Pavle Ilic

Romeo: Simo Trebjesanin