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Theatre: Pozoriste BOSKO BUHA, Beograd



The Hobbits are a humble and also very ancient nation, who existed before

in far greater numbers than today. Because they like peace, quiet, and well

handled soil; a nice, tidy and well- cultivated rural scene is their favorite

residence. They have never understood or liked any machines more complex

then a blacksmith’s bellows, a windmill, or a loom, even though they are

very handy with tools. Even in the old days they were always wary of «Big

People», as they refer to us. At the present time, they are terrified of us and

avoid us at all costs, making it very hard for us to find them.


J.R.R. Tolkien


adaptation and directing: Kokan Mladenovic

scenography: Boris Maksimovic

costume designer: Dragica Pavlovic

composer: Zoran Hristic

coreography: Bojana Mladenovic

fight scenes coreographer: Slavoljub Plavšic



Hobbit Bilbo Baggins: Ivan Tomic

Wizard Gandalf: Predrag Panic

King Thorin Oakenshield: Dragoljub Denda

Balin: Milos Samolov

Kili: Miki Damjanovic

Fili: Nenad Okanovic

Dwalin: Bora Nenic

Dori: Predrag Damnjanovic

Nori: Nemanja Radomirovic

William (Troll), Varga (Leader of the pack), Spider, Smaug the Dragon:

Dejan Lutkic

Bert (Troll), The Great Goblin, Spider, Lord of the Eagles: Ivan Jevtovic

Tom the Troll, Spider, Bard, Goblin: Radivoje Bukvic

Goblin, Fairy Queen, Dame: Marija Milenkovic

Gollum, Mistress of the Town: Boba Latinovic

Goblin, Eagle, Fairy, Townsnan: Nermin Ahmetovic

Wolf, Goblin, Fairy: Ivan Vidosavljevic

Wolf, Fairy, Townsnan, Goblin: Nikola Krneta

Wolf, Townsnan, Fairy, Goblin: Vladimir Paunovic